Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stevia is Alive!

During NuBev's recent visit to the Natural Product Expo in Anaheim, I couldn't help but notice the influx in beverages utilizing Reb-A (Stevia). The goal is simple... add sweetness without calories, naturally. Easier said than done, right? Although I was not impressed with many of the Stevia sweetened beverages it was exciting to see companies experimenting with natural sweeteners or sweetener blends.

In the ingredient supply hall, there were many new companies showcasing their Stevia sources and touting the benefits/differences to their competition. Who has the best? Fortunately for NuBev, we have put many of the Reb-A sources through the ringer. We understand which source works best in a particular application, which blends well with other sweeteners, which has the least aftertaste, and which has the lowest cost contribution to our customer's formulas. Unfortunately, like many of NuBev's formulation knowledge, we like to keep this secret for our clientele. Call us to learn more and to see if NuBev can help with your beverage.